30 Coupe Music - Featuring Steve DeFinis & Jeff Davidowsky - Country Rock Music  
30 Coupe Band- Featuring Steve DeFinis & Jeff Davidowsky - Country Rock Music

30 Coupe Members:

Steve DeFinis:

Songwriter, Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Engineer, Producer.

Musical Influences: Foo Fighters, Yes, King's X, Rush, Acoustic Alchemy, Led Zeppelin.

Steve is a full-time and life-long performing musician, writer, audio engineer & music producer. Music from his projects are available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other media outlets.

Steve is a writer, performer, producer and developer of several additional acts, which include:

  • Trusted Men (rock/metal)
  • FORCE OF IMPACT (pop rock)
  • Steve DeFinis (rock/progressive rock)
  • Don't Fly Blind (rock)

Several songs from Steve's projects have been selected by reputable entertainment companies in the U.S. & U.K. to be used in their ventures and included in their libraries. Others are awaiting final approval.

Steve has performed for celebrities at high-end resorts, country clubs, and private events.

Jeff Davidowsky:

Songwriter, Vocals, Guitar

Musical Influences: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Allman Brothers, Beatles, John Fogerty and Neil Young.

While living in Tennessee, Jeff was influenced from the musical culture of the Smokey Mountains. After being introduced to many good 'ole boy county pickers, he began to incorporate their styles and techniques into his own.

A multi-instrumentalist, Jeff also plays drums and piano. Though his mainstay is with the guitar, being able to translate ideas to other instruments enables him to communicate ideas with other songwriters.

Jeff is also the lead vocalist/guitarist for a county-wide popular rock band named
The Mudsharks. They’ve performed anywhere from high society events to the most local of town bars.

30 Coupe Bio:

Steve & Jeff crossed paths in August of 2014. Within a few weeks they got together to see if they could write songs together. And write they did. But almost two years would pass before they were able to set aside time for more writing. Finally, in the summer of 2016 they started to record.

"We began recording right away in the mid-summer of 2016 at Jeff 's Shark Tank Studio. We were so glad to have immediate interest from an agency from our first release "Heads Or Tails". And there are more songs in line for production, so we are looking forward to moving along as quickly as possible."

Steve's style leans towards Hard Rock/Progressive Rock/Acoustic New Age. Jeff's style leans towards country, blue grass, blues and rock. Surprisingly, the two of them are able to effortlessly create catchy songs that include smattering sarcasm and serious humor.

30 Coupe Band- Featuring Steve DeFinis & Jeff Davidowsky - Country Rock Music